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History and tradition

Since its foundation in 1951 the family company Fratelli Bergamaschi has reached the highest levels of technological competence.

Its strength lies mainly in its employees which are able to transform the raw material into high quality finished products through a meticulous process.

Our mission is to guarantee competence and quality while combining technical solutions, constant and accurate control of each stage of the production, intelligent recovery of the ancient traditions of woodworking and quality materials.

We give special attention to environment and sustainable use of the raw materials.
The ongoing collaboration with specialists in the fields of glass and paint guarantees the realization of a product of refined style and extreme productive elegance.

Choosing our products means to purchase 100% Made in Italy wooden windows which are aesthetically excellent, strong, durable and high performance rated.

The “Made in Italy” mark refers to the group of products in which Italy has reached the highest specialization and, especially for the field of wooden windows, it means high quality luxury products.


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